The Artifice Mage Saga

Devin is both a prince of machinery and a powerful mage in a world where contentious societies venerate one and vilify the other.
Will he unite the world or destroy it?

Would you sacrifice your future to practice magic?
Book 1

Time's up for mages!
Book 2

Welcome to the revolution. Fire up the dragons!
Book 3

February 2018

March 2018

Metal vs. Magic Shorts

Magical moments that slip through the cracks, side characters thrust in the spotlight, or inspiring tales of forgotten quests and small triumphs.
These are the mini epics.

The twins yearn to be different. One craves fame, the other flame.
Short 1

The master craves an apprentice with a rich intellect and dazzling skills. What he gets are bankrupt minds.
Short 2

Nobody said anything about magic!
Short 3