We were recently given the opportunity to chat with the delightful Alesha Escobar. A professed lover of both chocolate and caffeine, the interview zipped along. 

So, when did you start writing?

Alesha: I first started writing at the age of 7 and loved it ever since. I first published in 2011, and I hope to continue doing so for a very long time!

Why write fantasy?

Alesha: I love expressing my creativity. I enjoy writing action-packed fantasy with lovable and not so lovable characters and a dash of humor and romance mixed in.

Who are some of your favorite fantasy authors, books, or movies?

Alesha: Some of my favorite contemporary fantasy authors are George R.R. Martin, Robert Jordan (rest in peace), J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, Jim Butcher (Dresden Files made me love Urban Fantasy), and Ilona Andrews among others. I enjoy movies and shows like Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural, Arrow, The Flash, The Avengers…there are too many to name!

Do you enjoy any other genres?

Alesha: I adore the classics (Shakespeare, Dante Alighieri, etc.) and I have a soft spot in my heart for Victorian poetry. You can geek out with me all-day every day over these!

What do you do in your spare time when you’re not writing novels?

Alesha: Some of my hobbies include crafting: beaded jewelry, mixing and making skin care and hair care creams. I also enjoy cooking and spending time with my husband and 6 children.

Do you have any recent or upcoming fantasy novels you’d like to promote?

Alesha: I recently published the second book of the Aria Knight Chronicles in collaboration with Samantha LaFantasieFor those who want to catch up with the action, the first book is on sale here.


Looks exciting. Could you tell us more about the woman on the front cover?

Alesha: Sure! Aria Knight sets out to confront the powerful witch who turned her world upside down…her mother. Aria knows that she must do her part to keep the peace, but it’s difficult when the conflict within her own family threatens to tear her down.

Ohhh, magic and family drama. That cover and your blurb have certainly whet our appetite for more. Say, do you ever get hungry after a long day writing? What’s your favorite food?

Alesha: Chocolate. I’m addicted to it . . . 🙂

Nothing wrong with a sweet tooth! What are some other unique things about yourself you’d like to share with our readers?

Alesha: I really just write fantasy to support my chocolate habit. I live in California with my partner-in-crime, Luis Escobar. He’s a 20-year art veteran for The Simpsons television show.

Sounds like a happy life. Where can our readers find out more about you?

Alesha: They can check out my author page on amazon, my website, and my blog. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. And everyone is welcome to join my newsletter for free goodies and updates.

It was wonderful talking with you. Thank you so much for the interview.

Alesha: You’re welcome. Happy to do it.