1.) How often does the blog update?

The blog updates every Monday. Articles are crossposted on Facebook and occasionally other blogs.


2.) What is Twigboat Press?

Twigboat Press is a small, independent “indie” publishing limited liability company based in Virginia, USA. Our company aims to publish and distribute engaging and exciting works of speculative fiction.


3.) Don’t you publish any nonfiction?

Not currently. Nonfiction tells you how they build the boats. We prefer to set sail for adventure!


4.) Twigboat Press–what’s in a name?

Once dropped in the creek, a twigboat is at the mercy of the wind and current until it disappears around the corner and into your imagination.  You don’t steer a twigboat with a rudder, your steer it with your mind.  You chart a path through the gentle currents of your thoughts or sometimes cast off and let the swirling torrents lead where they will.  This requires intelligence, action, and imagination; we want to see those traits in our fiction.


5.) How often do you publish books?

We publish one novel every two months.


6.) Where can I find your books?

We have ebooks, paperbacks, and audiobooks available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Inktera, iTunes, and Tolino.


7.) Can I submit my manuscript to Twigboat Press for publication?

No.  We plan to start small and grow incrementally.  We anticipate posting submission guidelines and looking for new authors by March 2018.


8.) When were you founded?

We’ve been publishing inventive, original works of fiction and inventing new compound words since March 2015.